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Calling All Food Producers!!

We are so excited to launch our Love Local Directory - where you will be able to find all of our local farms, farm stands, and suppliers information in one place!

Your listing yearly with us includes the following:

  • Website and social media exposure

  • Listing by category and location

  • Customer service management

  • Real time business updates (seasonal updates)

  • Traffic back to your own website or to your location for purchase


We have decided to make this a FREE offering to our local food community producers and small businesses!  It is important to us that we help spread the word and continue to be matchmakers between our local food producers and new customers. Our mission is to create a sustainable thriving local food community and help to boost our Comox Valley economy.


How you can help with this movement:

1. Share a link to our directory on your website. Help us spread the word to your following.


2. Social Media: Share, like, and talk about the directory! So we can help more people find you and all your local producing buddies.

3. Keep us up to date so we can continue to share your business information with our following - this is  the best way for people to continue to find and support your businesses.

4. We will be seeking support in the form of sponsors to advertise on our site, which will allow us to continue to keep this as a free offering for our community. If you know of any companies that would be interested in this great advertising opportunity please send them our way ❤

New Listing Info

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Categories: (inclde all that apply)

This is a free listing sponsored by our community for our community. By listing with us we ask that you to help us play an active role in promoting local. Share our page, give us some love and help spread the word! 

We will be in touch soon to confirm your listing with us. We look forward to supporting your small business or farm. 

Love Local Food Co.

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