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  • How do I get my farm, business, or restuarant listed the Love Local Directory?"
    We would be delighted to list your local food business on our Love Local Directory! We are currently just focusing on Comox Valley food producers, businesses, restaurants. Visit our New Listing page for all the info.
  • Why is Love Local no longer offering delivery?
    We loved bringing local food to your doorstep during the Covid-19 pandemic. We took a good hard look at our reach and time and we decided to offer a pick up location this year instead in order to be able to focus on supporting our local food producers with our online directory. We also want to create a sense of community around our local food supply. We are always open to feedback, if you really miss our delivery options please let us know!
  • How far is your range for suppliers (geographically) for the Food Boxes?
    We are so proud to say that we work solely with Comox Valley growers in our Love Local Food Boxes. Our range is Denman Island and Hornby to Black Creek/Merville. We believe in supporting our own and keeping it close!
  • How do I get showcased in your Love Local Food monthly boxes?
    Contact Holly by email and we would be happy to give you all the details.
  • How do I become a sponsor/ advertiser on Love Locals Directory
    Contact us and we would love to chat with you more about our advertising and sponsorship opportunities!
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