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About Us

We started Love Local Food Co. to put small-scale sustainable farming and food production back at the heart of the food system we all depend on. Buying food from our local growers and communities encourages a healthy, seasonal diet, a wider variety of food on your table, and supports our loving Comox Vally community.

Holly and Cleo met 4 years ago and have been friends ever since. Both share a passion for creating sustainable projects in their community and helping support local businesses. Together they saw a need to connect their community to a local food supply. They have formed relationships with amazing vendors in the Comox Valley and are excited to connect customers to an easier way to access great local food. Their passion to help people and support local businesses gave them the inspiration to create Love Local Food Co.

Cleo Tetrault

Cleo Tetrault moved to Vancouver Island 5 years ago from Nova Scotia. She now proudly calls Comox Valley home. She is a practicing Massage Therapist and owner at Panacea Massage and Wellness in Comox. She also started Comox Wellness Collective, a sister clinic to Panacea Wellness, which is a collaborative clinic space with other health and wellness businesses. She has experience in managing many wellness businesses in the past 10 years and has a great passion for building local business connections and helping support business owners growth.  Coming from rural Nova Scotia, local food and supporting small have always been very important to Cleo.

Holly Brotherston 

Holly Brotherston was raised in the Comox Valley and has a strong love and passion for her community around her. As a marketing coordinator and creator she has always had a passion for community and small business growth. Her goal with this project is to further connect the community and strengthen the relationship we have with our local food supply. 

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