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Tendergreens Farm

Tendergreens Farm is a one acre plot tucked away in "Deep Merville." Before Jay arrived, the field had mostly been out of use, and was becoming overgrown with invasive reed canary grass and young alder trees. After a summer of weed whacking and tree digging, the field was ready to be tilled in October 2017, and veggie production began in spring 2018. Tendergreens Farm was granted Certified Organic status by Islands Organic Producers Association in summer 2019.

We currently use no-till methods, prepping all beds with a broadfork and rake. All seeding, weeding, soil cultivation, and harvesting are done by hand. We're focused on building soil fertility and improving drainage in this soggy field, and slowly increasing the land's capacity to grow delicious organic vegetables

Not accepting veggie box CSA members for 2023 season. Please check back!

Covid protocols in place
Veggie Boxes Available
Find us at CV Farmers Market
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