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Honey Grove Bakery

We are a local woman-owned artisan bakery specializing in slow fermented, small batch sourdough bread and pastries.

Using only certified organic Canadian flour and love to create hand shaped baked goods, our Honey Grove team works hard to share our passion for incredible food with the North Island.

Tucked away in the industrial district of Courtenay, we've carved out a strong and growing customer base with our dedication to creating world class sourdough bread, baguettes, croissants and mainly croissant and sourdough based treats. Our selection isn’t large but is strongly curated with all new products going through a rigorous testing/development process before release.

Fresh baked sourdough crusty and glorious

Sliced sourdough bread because we all know how amazing that is!

Saturday - 9am - 1pm ~ At the Exhibition Grounds in Courtenay until we move inside on Oct 15 to the Native Sons Hall on Cliff Ave and 4th
Sunday - 10am - 1pm ~ Cumberland ***SUMMER ONLY***

Call us at 250.898.3304 or email us at to reserve bread and pastries for pick up at the bakery or the market. We understand that you often come from far and wide so we want to be sure you get your favourite loaves or pastries.

~ Sourdough at Edible Island, Seeds, Local Refillery, Healthy Way and Weinberg's
~ Pastries at Tin Town Cafe, Seeds (frozen), Local Refillery (frozen), Weinberg's, Bean Around the World, The Mill and Dark Sides

Honey Grove Bakery’s strong combination of old world methods with contemporary ethos and creativity makes finding our hidden gem well worth it and highly recommended (by us of course;)!

Covid protocols in place
Preorder Available
Find us at the CV Farmers Market
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