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Home Grown Bee

Home Grown Bee is…
A Vancouver Island based company located in the Comox Valley, dedicated to raising healthy and local honeybees. We believe in supporting our local beekeepers through education; A good beekeeper is a knowledgable beekeeper. And in keeping with our values, we provide educational services to ensure our local community has the tools to raise their very own healthy honeybees! We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to keep honeybees so we provide educational talks to help the community better understand these incredible pollinators that surround us everyday! Rachel, our founder, is Bee Master Certified and well educated on the world of honeybees. She’s had the privilege of working in hundreds of hives and in doing so, she’s had her fair share of problem solving hive issues. She is passionate about honeybees and believes that education is our strongest tool in spreading awareness about these pollinators and all the wonderful work that they do!

We look forward to meeting you,

-Rachel & the bees

Multiple Vendors
Covid protocols in place
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