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Glen Alwin Farm

William Chandler Smith, his wife Anne Jane and 10 children came from Harriston, Ontario in 1884. He passed away 9 years later and left his land to his many children.

40 acres with Portuguese Creek running through it was all that was left to his son, James Broughton Smith (Jim). This is the only part of the original farm that is still farmed by the descendants today.

Jim managed to buy more adjoining land in the early 1900s, married Katherine Elsie Redding in 1927 and had 3 wonderful children.

His only son, Tom Smith married in 1961 and took over the farm. Tom passed away in 1996 but it is his wife, Jo and their descendants that are farming the same land today.

Currently the farm sits at about 190 acres and runs grass-fed beef cattle and pasture raised lamb, pork and poultry.

We have been proudly supplying the Comox Valley with excellent quality meat for the last 125 years!

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