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Love Local Food Boxes

We started Love Local Food Co. to put local small-scale sustainable farming and food production back at the heart of the food system we all depend on.

Our Love Local Directory is where you will be able to find all of our local farms, farm stands, and suppliers information in one place! Over 200+ listings in Comox Valley.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

I love this business! Beautiful produce, yummy natural pastures cheese, clever crow herbs and spices; beautiful meat, fish, and poultry - all from local suppliers. Delivery is super reliable, and customer service is above and beyond! I love how flexible the service is. I can decide from week to week what I want, and if I need a delivery or not. Thank you so much Love Local Food! You are helping us enjoy everything the valley has to offer this summer, when immune issues mean we can’t shop for ourselves.

Summer 2023 Comox Evening Market


We are taken back by the decision that the Town of Comox, Mayor and Council have made to not partner with us. After 2.5 years of planning, 2 delegations to Council, and an immense amount of support from our local community to create a downtown Comox evening market, the door has been closed. The Town decided to partner with the Comox Valley Farmers Market to offer a market in Comox in the future. We are happy that the Comox Valley Farmers Market might offer a Comox based market, further supporting food producers.


Our vision of a hybrid market of artisans, growers, food producers and small business start ups was unique and not currently being offered in the Comox Valley. We are discouraged by the Town’s resistance to change and not being offered the opportunity of an innovative partnership. 


We do not feel we were given trust, respect or communication through this process, which is disheartening as young entrepreneurs. The future of Love Local is to be determined. We wanted to thank all of you for your words of support and encouragement through this process and we are sorry that the outcome is not what we wanted. Our mandate has always been to act as the matchmakers between customers and small businesses, growers, and food producers, and we will continue this through our Love Local Online Directory which includes over 200 farmstands, growers and small businesses in our Valley. 


Thank you again for supporting local - we love you!


Cleo & Holly


We have been dreaming of having an evening market in downtown Comox for years now. An evening seasonal/summer market will create a unique opportunity to bring our growers, producers, small businesses and artisans together and will boost foot traffic and uplift our downtown Comox community culture. Our market vision is a hybrid model, not just food producers but a variety of small businesses and artisans, complimenting our downtown businesses. There would be live music to enjoy while wandering the open air market in the heart of our community. We want to create a safe outdoor event that represents our ever growing and adapting community. We feel an evening market would do just that. The last 3 years have been hard on everyone. A weekly market will not only nourish our community but also support our growers, small businesses and artisans to flourish in a difficult economy and overcome adversity of construction this summer in our downtown. We want to help foster small businesses and we believe this market will amplify downtown business growth while building a culture that Comox can be proud of. 

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